Executive Summary

Goal: Our goal in this project was to research and understand the landscape of the concierge, how they cater to guests, and provide the best possible solution in integrating Zeel’s app within their standards of service.

Accessibility: With the help of research and user interviews, we found that private concierges as opposed to the ties and restraints of hotel concierges, made for a more reliable market to implicate the service of the app.

Mission: Zeel + Concierge is a web-based application that allows the concierge to create a personal account, manage clientele directory, and maintain appointments of those customers by booking appointments and managing their billing and massage history.                 

“Time was of the essence in this project. There was a 3 week deadline in figuring out an MVP and designing a workable web responsive prototype.”



Have you ever booked.png

Interviews: The concierge 

Interviews: The guest


“After interviews, our discovery of the types of concierges and guest users allowed us to create personas in mapping the best fit around design options."




“Designing flows and prototypes around the personal concierge appeared to be the better fit than the hotel concierge. There were far less limitations and legal contraints along with better guest return rate."



Design Studio

"The design challenge was vital because we wanted to hear internally from engineers to accountants what they had to say about their own product. We held design sprints with given user flows and iterated on any current flaws with the prototype."

Wireframes and Testing


Site Map

Next Steps

User Needs

  • Test prototypes with on-the-job concierges.

  • Do more extensive researc on residential building concierges and explore their limitations as a third-party constituent. 

  • Rethink verification system for company accounts.

  • Mobile integration with Zeel's app for personal concierges.

Marketing/Business Development

  • Build a rewards system to incentivize use of Zeel + Concierge. 

  • Integration of guest's independent accounts with Zeel + Concierge.

Customer Service

  • How does this affect what customer service sees on the backend?


  • Adapt wireframes to Zeel's redesigned visual style guide and UI elements.